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简介attention_attention中文翻译       attention的今日更新不仅仅是技术上的更新,更是人们生活方式的改变。今天,我将和大家探讨关于attention的今日更新,让我们一起探讨它对我们生活的影响。1.attention2





3.attention please怎么读






       (释义):n.关注;注意;军 立正


       1、Other people walk along the beach at night,so I didn't pay any?attention?at first.


       You may feel unworthy of the?attention?and help people offer you.


       3、The teacher drew our attention to the blackboard.


       4、Later he turned his attention to the desperate state of housing in the city.



       attention [?'ten?n]





       2. 注意力

       3. 关心;照料;考虑;思考;特殊处理




       [通常用于复数] 款待;热心;(尤指求爱时表现的)殷勤

       5. 军事



       6. 检修,修理

       7. 心理学注意

       8. 计算机注意,留心(来自外部的处理要求)


       1. (口令)立正!

       2. (有要事当众宣布时说)注意!

       attention [?'ten?n]


       1. the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others

       2. the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something

       the old car needs constant attention

       3. a general interest that leads people to want to know more

       She was the center of attention

       4. a courteous act indicating affection

       she tried to win his heart with her many attentions

       5. the faculty or power of mental concentration

       keeping track of all the details requires your complete attention

       6. a motionless erect stance with arms at the sides and feet together; assumed by military personnel during drill or review

       the troops stood at attention

       以上来源于: WordNet

attention please怎么读













       attention 读法 英 [?ten?n] 美 [?t?n?n]? ;please 读法 英 [pli:z]? 美 [pliz]

       attention 作名词的意思是:注意力;关心;立正!(口令)


       1、medical attention?医疗照顾;医疗看护

       2、immediate attention?注视;及时关注

       3、pay no attention to?不注意,不在意

       4、matters need attention?注意事项


       Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please, I declare the meeting open.?




       1、attention表示“注意”时,是不可数名词; 用作可数名词时,指具体活动,表示“殷勤”“款待”,常用复数形式。

       2、一般来说,要表达引起某人对某事的注意时,用call/draw one's?attention?to。

       表示用某事引起某人注意时,用bring the matter to one's?attention,注意两者不可倒过来使用。

       He wants to call her attention to the matter.不可以说I want to bring his attention to the matter.


       除了指“注意”,pay?attention?to还指“向女子献殷勤”,如pay his?attentions to the girl.要注意his后的attentions用的是复数形式;

       4、为引起大机关或大商店的某人或某部门注意,在写信时可在称呼语后面或后面的下一行或两行加Attention of ...,如Attention of Accounting Department。


       pay attention, pay one's attentions这两个短语形相近但义不同,前者意为“注意”,而后者表示“献殷勤”“追求”“求婚”。例如:

       1、You must pay attention to the teacher.


       2、The newspapers report that at the moment he is paying his attentions to an Italian countess.






       His?eyes?are?going back?and?forth,?up to me to?see?what?I'm looking?at,?so?we've?got?shared?attention.



       For?some?time,?the?question?of?Darfur,?Sudan?has?been?a?focus?of?attention?of the?international?community.



       Connor.?It?just?recently?came?to?my?attention?and?I?thought?you?might?be?interested in?it.



       NetBSD's?attention?to?detail, well-written?code,?and?vast?portability?make?it?a?solid?choice?for?a number?of?deployment?scenarios.



       It?is?understood?that the writers?of?very?hot?abroad,?the?domestic?these?two?years?is?beginning?to?pay?attention?this?issue.



       As?an?important?novel?of?Lawrence,?The?Plumed?Serpent?has?not?been?attached?attention?in?academic circles?up to now.